The Subway

Ok... So you get off the subway and there's mobs and mobs of people all trying to exit the same way whether this be escalators, elevators or whatever...

Here's how you get ahead of the "traffic" :-D

Ok... you know all that time you spend waiting for the train you got on to get there?

If you know the layout of the station you are going to, you can figure out which traincar you need to be in that's going to let out closest to whatever resource you need in the destination station and be sure to be in that car... While waiting for the train you just casually stroll over to wherever you need to be to get in that car... Using time that would have otherwise been wasted. Then, when the train lets out, you're closest to whatever you need where you are getting out.

In my case, the destination objective in one case is "an elevator", but to reach it, I first need to go up one of two escalators. If other people reach the elevator first, they take it and it's gone and I gotta wait for another one, so time is critical :-D ... So what I do is I get in a subway car most likely to let out -right next to- one of the up escalators. This puts me to the head of the line on that, improving my chances of getting to the elevator first, which completes the next rung of my journey to street level :-D... Zip, zap, outtathere.
ILoveMarie ILoveMarie
Jul 30, 2010