Art At My School

So, this has been at my school for a long time (like a year?) and it was created by art students (or maybe one student did the top and another did the bottom, i'm not sure how many were involved exactly)...but i thought it was pretty cool...i always find myself looking at all the different things they used in the squares when i go by (which is why i took these pics)...btw, the art at the bottom (the people) is done just with black tape...pretty incredible.  enjoy!

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3 Responses May 21, 2012

Cool! Are the tape people life size?

lil bit smaller...kinda kid-sized i guess :)

Imagination is the only limit in art. That tape art is wayy cool. I like the presentation together like this as well. Gives strength to all of the separate pieces.

i knew you'd like it, mr. art-head :D

And you were correct Ms Artsy-fartsy

Is the bottom painting with the people supposed to be holding up the 3D art above????

it's not a painting at all! it's just tape! (can you believe it?) and i guess was created after the art at the top was i imagine they intended it to look like that.

Tape art... never heard of it!