Drug Cartels Can Kiss My A**

I want you all to do something anytime you approach your vehicle, review it. Make sure no one has planted anything in it. Then make sure you pay attention to who is in front of you, who is behind you and who randomly speaks to you through out they day. Especially if you live in or by a boarder town.
Today my father who is an American citizen living in Mexico crossed the boarder to go to work like a normal day. His co worker notified him that someone was asking him about his vehicle. Later that day it occurred him to review his vehicle as he usually does. He drives a small truck with a spare tire in view.. He noticed there was something funny about his spare tire. It wasn't his.. He cut it open and noticed 8lbs of marijuana in his tire!
He called the cops immediately to report.
The scary thing about this is he has a sentri pass, which allows him to cross the boarder in 20 minuets or less. Not everyone can attain this pass. Most people cross the boarder between 2 & 4 hours minimum. Meaning the bastered that did this has been watching my father and knows where he lives, where he works and his where abouts.
My dad opted to stay at my house instead of going home tonight. I'm not scared that anything would happen to us because my husband is a Marine with a black belt in Marine Core Martial arts, so I feel very well protected. I'm However scared for my fathers safety. He doesn't want to move in fear of those psychopathic loosers thinking that he screwed them over but they should have thought about this before planting their crap in a strangers vehicle.
I'm proud of my father for doing the right thing but at the same time I'm scared that they will go after him. Has anyone ever had this expierence before? I don't want any bull **** either this is real and I'm devistated. If I could approach these idiots I would take them by the balls... And I will leave it at that. For those of you that support this form of living please don't bother leaving me a comment about how you disagree with my views because quite frankly your opinion does not matter to me.
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Funny how the drug smugglers are just trying to make a living yet you automatically label them as the bad guys or the “Bastards” as you put it, yet it is the government who would detain your father if they caught him crossing the boarder with the drugs, the criminals might not be doing anyone any harm, yet the lawful scumbags who may have imprisoned your father you automatically defend, this Nazi style mind set disgusts me.

Wow a drug dealer who put drugs on my fathers vehicle without consent is not a criminal? That is a twisted thought! Especially since California approves certain marijuana for use for specific individuals and they clearly have grade A marijuana so this crap would have been illegally sold and most likely laced with crap. My father, regardless of your opinion did the right thing by calling the cops as soon as he realized what was pinned on him. Clearly you are a very ignorant and corrupt individual to support these types of individuals. I wish all if the drug cartels nothing but bad karma along with their supporters!

And the smugglers are low life citizens who are to lazy to make an honest living!

First of I never said they weren’t a criminal, I for one am a criminal and proud of it, people need to stop judging criminals as being bad hearted people. You and your father support the police who enforce terror and oppression on good people, I’d far rather be a smuggler than one of them scumbags, I will tell you that. I walk amongst the most open-minded and pure group of people on Earth, I think it must be you who is very ignorant and corrupt. I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror before you judge me, as it is you not me who wishes badness on those you don’t even know, I only wish you luck in seeing the light.

Well I suggest you become a citizen first and lay off the crime if you wish to become one. (In no way do I mean to mock you about that).People can only do so many bad things before they get caught. Another thing, my family raised me to work an honest job and save my hard earned cash if I wanted something. not to steal from hard workers and put their loved ones at risk for owning hot products. For every crime that is commited there is more bad that comes upon all of those who are involved eventually. Since I'm no criminal police officers are no threat to me. If they ever are in the future that is what good lawyers are for. My only pet peeve with our system is that it takes a long time to catch criminals who have taken away life's, objects and humility from people. It's like they see something nice and think "that person doesn't need that". Or "since that person owns that they Must be able to purchase another one. That mind set ****** me off because my husband and I have earned every cent we have gotten.

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