This Time Next Week...............

 My darling treasure, my child of my soul and heart, my lovely, loving and sweet Jessie will be here in my arms, hugging and holding hands. Looking into each others  eyes and seeing the truth  that is she is my  kid in so many ways, that really count. 

  Are you all as excited as we are, for us ?  

 And last but not least, Redheadsrule will be here  strengthening our mutual admiration for each other. A friendship that has withstood the test of time, a friendship that is so strong that we don't melt all over each other, because we know who we are to each other. And that even though we don't talk every day,  there is adoration and love !

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9 Responses Jun 4, 2009

This is the sweetest post ever and it only took me 4 days to find it this time i am slow . HUGS

I need a vacation......<br />
<br />
Caffeine? That never hurt anyone........

Sheesh ladies...pretty harsh!

Ummmm they have soda there don't they? Hop em up on Mountain dew!!!

Boys like blues n booze?<br />
<br />

We have the boys that weekend darling dearest :-)

I'm working on it. <br />
<br />
I just need a speedy act from my accountants office, and we are there. =)

Eric and I wish we could go....and certainly if the chance arises again we will do our best to be there :-) I hope you all have the best time !!!

It is awesome that you guys will soon have that hug!! Have fun at the festival :-) Wish we could be there :-(