Whaaa !

I have been noticing a few of my EP circle of friends are starting to couple up . I do feel happy for them ,but where's my partner ? I don't want to the third wheel or the odd man out WOW! this is starting to feel like high school . I guess I'll have too find the other geeks and go to the cafeteria and start playing dungeons and dragon again Boo ho .

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Yareisa is the Amazonian warrior woman ,that keeps striking those that are not submissive to her ( dragon bows down )

Oh nothing serious Yareisa and I play a little dungeons and dragon .<br />
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Air hockey sounds fun ,ready to take a whooping .LOL

For every person who couples up there are... oh, I don't know ten who are left behind, alone and wandering? :)<br />
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We're still around, g9... Let's go play air hockey!<br />
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What injury, by the way?

Well its admitting to being a geek ,short of white shirt and pocket protectors . Never have tried Candyland maybe that will be next .

You don't like playing dungeons and dragons? Then you should try Candyland. I love it. LOL