The Elevator Prank

I love this video! It got a lot of stink from downers claiming that the prank is "too harsh" and must "never happen again," but it was just a good scare and nothing to be too controversial so I can only say, "Lighten up." Nobody died or got hurt, after all. And hey, those people got a great story to tell later and who knows? Now that they know it's a prank seeing it's on the news and all over the Internet, they can probably laugh about it now.

I don't know who the kid is, but I love her. XD
Although... They probably could have made her a lot more scarier... But I guess that would have been overkill now, wouldn't it?

The unlucky people in the elevator seemed plenty scared enough as she was. Mostly due to the fact that she appeared out of the nowhere during lights out rather than her appearance, I'm sure...
deadmoon deadmoon
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012