Feeling And Touch

One of the things that is my reality is I feel things differently than most because of how I was born. Where I live, I have advanced, portable heaters. It is not because the place I livee in is naturally cold. According to everyone who visits me, my house feels nice and toasty. I have the temperature at 80 degrees. I don't feel the heat unless I stand right in front of the heaters. It is how I was born. I feel freezing cold and can actually feel the cold air blowing around, but no one else feels it when they visit. I get upset when they tell me how warm it is just cause I don't feel it. Even now, my hands and feet are freezing cold even in tight pants and a sweater. I sometimes blow on my hands or put my hands under my legs breaking away from other things of hand-motion nature. My legs get super cold like ice sculptures and people are shocked when they touch my legs, even if I have pants and socks on. My ac vents even though I have no ac units are closed to help me feel less cold and I have to as I always did in my life, wrap something around food and drinks that are hot and cold. I order my drinks with no ice. I unseal film on ice cream with my teeth not hands. Etc. I am glad I have feeling though. Some don't. Even now as I type, my hands are as cold as if I were in a walk in freezer. I had them under my legs earlier.

Thanks to how I was born, my life journey introduced me to several new discoveries. Some pleasant and some not so pleasant. One such discovery in 2009 was a woman who lost the sense of touch. I asked her what it feels like when she touches stuff since she no longer has such a luxury of being able to enjoy the differences of feel when touching something or when something touches her. She said everything feels rough and grainy, like sandpaper.

I may have been born different than a lot of people but I have always been a happy person and I am ever so grateful for the moments and things I DO have that others don't have. I can't be touched or hugged if I am dealing with severe stress pains but I can still feel it, even as painful as it is and can still feel the differences in the touches. Most people take it for granted, being able to have the sense of touch. I actually was shocked when I found out her truth, but I was eager to learn what I could.

We all have difficulties. And even if we are religious or not - she and I are Christian, it doesn't mean we have to preach. Most need to know we can relate to them on a human level, be their friend through the tough times. Not turn it into an evangelical thing. I actually asked her if she was a Christian when she and I hung out and ate lunch together. She said yes then asked how did I know. She was not shoving Jesus-speak or Bible-speak down my throat or anyone's throat. I could see it in her smile and I told her so. Anyone can spout what a book says or dictate how they feel others should be, but not everyone can be love and friend to others. That actually is what helps me see if someone is truly a Christian or hiding behind a Christian shield if they claim to be Christian.

I helped two younger woman decide to give life another try when they wanted to kill themselves before. They were not Christian. Did I bury them in Bible and Jesus? No I didn't. They needed a friend to care about what they were going through. I helped them - no offense folks who don't believe in Jesus - and asked Jesus to help me be a friend to them. They both left our times feeling better about themselves and braving life again. I wish all people could be as compassionate. To feel someone's ordeal and be more touched by what the afflicted one is going through than the righteous crusade the saver can have. I guess feelings and touches vary with every individual.
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hah really a strange thing for most of the people, but you r positive , a good nature. let us all be good guys, help others.

awww thank you :) hugs

I hope that you never feel like you have to apologize for your beliefs. It is true that a great many Christians shove their religion down other peoples' throats, even when they don't truly understand the religion themselves. But none of that is your fault. I think you are doing better at spreading the word than those who do not respect other peoples' free will. Being Christian is more important than talking about being Christian- if one identifies themselves as a Christian.


thank you for being a friend and for your inspiring response :)