Catastrophe Or Blessing In Disguise?

I had a nice surprise today. I was awake today and asleep during the night. I got paid a visit from my mom and their dog Benson, a mastiff brendel ? colored and very protective of me. I was wearing ankle length, white tight pants and a pastel pink, fitted blouse with full length sleeves and a scoop neck. The blouse has a picture of Minnie Mouse on the front. I also had crayola pink socks.

My mom left to go back to her place and we discussed going out since I was awake. My stepdad thought it would be a bit much for me to go out because of everything that has been happening to me. I felt cherished that he cared enough about my well-being to be concerned about what going out would do to me.

I changed into another pinkish outfit. I put on a smoky pink, fitted blouse that was sleeveless and had a low cowl neck. Inside the outside, thin blouse was another, thin blouse of the same color and connected. It was haltered which means it ties around the back of the neck and the material can scrunch up or stretch out on the band that's at the neck and there is a gaping keyhole on the top in the front. Well, I am a modest dresser, so I tied it so the keyhole was above my chest not on it.

I also had a light lavendar, mesh skirt with floral embroidery of the same color and an inside solid lining that was light lavendar in color. I wore hot pink slouch socks. I wore black leather boots that go to the tops of my calves and have low wedge heels to help with my balance and walking. I accessorized with a hot pink wrist cuff that is made of metal and embroidered with pastel pink swirls lined in shiny silver. I got these wrist cuffs from Hawaii when I still lived in Hawaii and they only cost 99 cents each, so I loaded up, even on some that glow in the dark. My favorite that I got is one made of metal and covered in leopard print and colors and has a big wad of black fur to rest on your wrists.

I went out to buy furniture that I had seen online and wanted to get for my Hawaii collectibles and cds. I got a wide, glass cabinet with a key and the black wood is cut out and carved like flowers all over the bottom of the cabinet. I got a matching round table. I got a tall, skinny bookcase for my cds and some books.

My stepdad's concern for my staying in was remembered when it got to be too hard for me when I was out. My ribs had been hurting prior. Very badly. One of the guys that sexually and physically abused me every day for many months kept crushing my ribs and bruising me. It hurts on and off and I have a hard time breathing. I almost fell down at the store from the sheer exhaustion and massive dizziness from overworking myself. I thought going out would be fine since I was awake today. Maybe my stepdad knew I needed more rest. There was so much pressure on my heart. It was hard to do anything. Even when I was sitting, the pressure was there.

It's all better now. thankfully. I am at home and I changed my top to a flamingo pink, full length sleeved turtleneck since the other blouse is kind of fancy. I will be glad when the ptsd goes away. I don't want these guys to hurt me any more than they already did. I'm still touched my stepdad cared so much. That was a huge blessing in disguise for me.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Jun 9, 2012