For The Love Of

I bought more brain games. I have always loved brain games. It is not noticeable that I am physically disabled or that I was born with half a brain - and thankfully I don't have the challenges of being mentally ill or mentally challenged to add to it - but because I only have half a brain, I have been all my life getting myself involved in games, reading, learning, doing, so as not to cripple the mind I do have. I need what brain I do have to stay as strong as possible for as long as posssible.

What happened to me with the girl from last week did not leave permanent damage which is good. So many things happen in life that leave people scarred for life in tremendously bad ways not good ways, that I am blessed to be able to still want to get out there in spite of how that little girl behaved. I am still grateful her friend saw me and tried to silence her.

I was talking with someone about the ongoing Presidential election. So many people dislike Mitt Romney and his play-ball tactics against Barack Obama just to try to win. So many see right through him.

I had one of my favorite meals at my favorite restaurant at the mall - Brio's at Tyson's Corner Mall. It is interesting that next to it is the more extravagant sister mall Tyson's Galleria, but I only go there for PF Changs Restaurant, if I do go there, and with someone else. I had spaghetti with alfredo sauce and chicken. The chicken was cut in a big, thick piece like a steak. It was grilled and really tender, moist and seasoned; and thankfully it did not make me nauseous like most grilled chicken does.

I wore a warm but casual-nice outfit. Flamingo pink turtleneck blouse, two-layered skirt with black sparkly mesh outside of a fuschia-colored layer, black velvet thigh high boots and a puffy black beret.

I bought a book that has Boggle Bash games and I love to play Boggle Bash on Pogo. I bought a book that has wordsearch games where the letters wind around each other instead of going straight any which way and that has puzzles that feature numbers not letters. I got these games all the time in Hawaii before I moved to the mainland. I bought a game book that has left-brain and right-brain games. I bought more fiction books to read.

It amazes me. I don't have a left brain, only a right brain, but my brain and my heart have been working overtime my whole life to compensate for my lack. I can figure out in two seconds or so left-brain games that many left-brain intellects can't figure out. But I know it is a blessing since my right brain has to function as left and right, even though there are indeed some things I cannot comprehend. Sometimes people even tell me nevermind because they know that even though I want to know, I'll never be able to understand it. A lot of movies, books and tv shows feature discussions I cannot understand, so others tell me don't get into it. I am 35 years old and I cannot watch The Newlywed Game, even though I tried to understand it - a game where newly married couples answer questions about their spouses, themselves and others in their inner circles and the spouses have to try to guess correctly and the winner gets an all-expenses-paid vacation or honeymoon to a lavish location selected somewhere in the world - because I don't understand the sex talk a lot of the questions have.

More than once people both familiar and stranger to me, online and offline have pointed out that they know to say exactly what they are talking about when talking to me because I take people literally when they talk. I say what I mean and I mean what I say when I talk, be it to one individual when talking to a crowd, specific individuals or the crowd itself. So I treat people the same way. Some people look at my writings and assume one point when in fact I made another point and sure enough, the way I typed or talked, when I look back at it, shows one word that sends my message out clear as day, completely different than what they read. One example is when I talked about someone whose friends were ganging up on someone else and that someone kept supporting the friends. I was upset and talked about how this person encouraged his friends in ganging up and attacking this other person. Someone commented to my lengthy, fired-up spiel in defense of the person who was being attacked and asked me to mention one thing person one did to person two. I reminded her that I had said he ENCOURAGED these people to attack person two. Big difference.

It also reminds me of another conversation I had before with someone about someone else. A favorite classic tv host who is now dead but whose name I cannot mention because of the censors - He was the host of the Pyramid games and the name rhymes with Nick but starts with the fourth letter of the English alphabet - talked with a celebrity contestant about another celebrity who led a very busy double life in the world. He was reputable in the world for being a cheapskate but those who knew him personally like the host and others knew him to be the exact opposite in his real life. I told someone before about a man I had been talking with online and the double life he appears to have.

His profile makes him out to be a vicious, cruel, cold-hearted, soul-less person with a language barrier, religious barrier and national barrier. His private chats with me had me thoroughly convinced a few times he was the man I love - and I don't go around thinking that with every male I confer with. His language barrier would disappear and his grammatical and spelling typos would disappear, a few of the times he and I chatted personally. Then I'd mention he reminds me of the man I love Joe and his character on his profile would get more insanely into that "role" and he'd say things that really had me speaking of my love for Joe whenever he behaved like that. He insisted more than once he knew Joe was in love with me and it was as if he was when he was doing that vile character intentionally egging me on to speak about my love for Joe.

The brain is a mystery. The eyes see the history. The heart feels the victory.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Sep 23, 2012