I just found this out today. My niece and her mommy are getting beaten up by her mommy's boyfriend. He hits and chokes my niece. Her mommy tries to defend but gets hurt. There is another baby through the mom and boyfriend, my niece's half sister. Newborn. I hope he doesn't hurt her.

I sometimes have dreams that come true. After I met my niece's mom seven years ago WAY before my young niece entered the picture, I had a dream about having a niece or nephew through her and my brother. The child was killed through domestic violence. I'm really hoping it doesn't come true. If any of you believe in prayer, please pray for them.
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

If you found that out, call child protective services ASAP! Right now!

They will conduct a mandatory investigation.

If you have had a premonition, and have confirmed the abuse afterwards, ACT ON IT! It happened for a reason. There is still time - act now and call CPS ASAP!

*"it" happening for a reason, referring to the premonition you referenced!