Today was my last staff meeting with my work and well I didn't really take notice of it and I wasn't expecting it, sort of forgot I would be leaving the PCYC in two more weeks, so it was a real pleasure and tearful session when they turned to me and finally showed their appresciation for the work I've done here. I sort of thought I went unnnoticed and I did do a lot. Gave up a lot and lost a lot in trying to meet all agendas of my work requirement. But when my boss finally did a spill about how valuable I was to them and how I had contributed a lot and helped so many and everything and saw the faces of all my fellow co-workers I just wanted to cry with joy. It was so touching. They handed me an envelope, but it's never the material things really. It's just the fact that your hard work and the need for you was so great that really brings that tear and smile and hope to your life.

THANK YOU LOGAN CITY PCYC!!! To be acknowledged and especially have my efforts appreciated was all I ever really wanted and to have them say that they will look for more funding to keep me on board, though deep down I know I don't want to stay on because I have a whole world to conquer, reall made me happy today.

I wish you all enough ~smiles~

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After all this time, You myst have been doing your job well for them! <br />
<br />

It is nice to know you are appreciated. :)