Woof Woof!

 I have a 3-year-old brown chihuahua who hasn't seen another of her breed since she left the litter…until today. We were driving through another town (my dog and I) this afternoon, and we saw someone walking not one, but two brown chihuahuas! I stopped, rolled down my window, and said hello. A wonderful tail-wagging bark-fest ensued. Now, I'm forced to consider adding another little rat-dog to the menagerie…

gottatell gottatell
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4 Responses May 27, 2008

You never know, though. You get two dogs, each with a Napoleon complex, in the same room, and it could be war. Meeting on neutral turf (the street) is one thing, but sharing a home? I wonder…

Aww,they'll have so much fun together! :)

I think you're right.

Woof woof! Your Chihuahua would love a new friend.