Neha My Sunshine

I been feeling down the last week since losing my beloved 15 year old beagle. Today I was sitting at my desk when a familiar face popped her head into my office, my friend Neha. I have not seen her for 8 months after she relocated to Indiana for her husbands job. We both started on the same day. She was a new hire and I had been transferred to the city. It all began by us eating lunch together.

What amazed me about neha and I was that she was young enough to be my daughter, she was married and she was an Indian( from India). We had very few common interests but We had such fun at lunch. She introduced me to Indian food, she taught me so much about her culture. For more than two years we became inseparable and begin to engage lots of other staff to take a lunch time in the lunch room instead of eating at their desks. The laughing was endless. I must say I loved this beautiful girl. I was also able to teach her things about being American. We enjoyed our cultures together. We shared so much. The laughter was the best part. To have fun at work is a priveledge.

Neha had previously relocated from philadelphia due to her husbands job, he did this to avoid any further lay offs, they left their friends and their home, well that was not true, he was laid off again with no option of a transfer. He applied to all the local pharmaceutical companies in the Boston area to no avail. He accepted a job for more money better benefits in Indiana.

That day I felt like a rug was pulled out form under me. I could not imagine my life without her. When she left my heart felt broken. We email all the time, we Facebook and we talk when ever we can. She is currently not working but is making jewelry and painting. She is such a talented young woman. I want to do all I can to support her beautiful work. I know this girl and I wee meant to meet. My heart feels lighter just having seen her today. The laughing took me back to a time when things were so much fun.

I look forward to introducing neha to my Scottie. I have told Scott endless stories of. Y friendship with my neha. He is as excited as me.

It has always been so hard when people move on, when people relocate to oth states. I wish things could stay the same. Things re the same, my neha ran in and hugged me, I felt so much better just having her in my arms. She looks so happy. Sheis so happy to be back With this echo love her.

I know it will be hard to let her go again but I have a feeling she will be back, I think we will be friends forever. I love you neha!!
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i totally feel for you amala. When my first crush left school even i was crushed