Brunch And My Weird Sense Of Humor

So I woke up a little after ten today after a tiring pm shift that ended past 12 midnight. I thought of fixing myself some yummy brunch as a reward for overcoming the hell of a shift it was. I thought of cooking chorizo nuggets, boiled egg, and red rice. I have been craving chorizo because I haven't eaten it for months, and also because I have been trying to watch my diet. So I battled whether I should cook 2 nuggets or 3 nuggets. I was laughing at myself. An extra nugget won't hurt, would it? So I succumbed to temptation and went with 3. I tossed them until the inviting aroma and a golden brown color was evident. When I tried to transfer them from the pan to my plate, I accidentally tipped my plate to one side. I tried to balance it, but to no avail. One golden brown, yummy nugget rolled out of my plate and down it went on the floor. My extra chorizo lay on the floor helpless. Imagine my dismay. Arrgh. But I silently laughed at myself and the fate of my chorizo. I don't know... Maybe I have a weird sense of humor. I guess nature tried to help me with my dilemma. And nature said I should only eat 2 nuggets... and not be greedy.. and to remember that I have a goal... and I will be fine. 

I sit here, with an empty plate. Full tummy. Lighthearted.
Next time I try to cheat myself, I'll remember my helpless extra chorizo and how nature can "intervene" with my plans. LOL
thissillyatom thissillyatom
22-25, F
Aug 3, 2012