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I Am So Happy!!!!!!!!!

If you have read my stories then you know I have been very sick…a week ago I have a made a mammography and some days later my doc called me and said my right breast had showed an indeterminate tissue and he needs an additional imaging. The worse things came to my mind, I was devastated, lost and I could not sleep anymore…today I was at the doctor again, many exams have been made and after hours, the results came…just some little cysts and not bigger enough to get them removed yet…so nothing so serious!!!!!!!!!!

I am smiling all the time, I could dance, hug, cuddle and kiss my kids and friends…

I could make love to my man all night long!!!! WOW!!!!


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Awesome! So happy for you :)


So little one needs to realize how incredibly lucky we are just to be alive. All the most people do is complain complain complain.

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Very, very glad to hear this!

This story makes me smile :)

great!!!!!!!!!! changes way you look at life i'll bet. makes ya realize what in life is inportant and what isn t. my wife had a simler scare once. we both had some sleepless nights.

You made me in even better mood I got full marks on my tests today oh yeah

That must have been a huge relief for you,So you are entitled to be feeling happy.

my thoughts and heart go out to you hun, Gxx

Princess, I came across your story purely by accident, the title caught my attention.<br />
I don't know you but even so your story made me smile, I was very very happy for you,<br />
It's always nice to read that a dark cloud has been lifted from above someone's head.<br />

So happy for you tender eyes princes . you must feel like you were reborn again .now go on and live life to the fullest for you and your family make every day count .

I have just came across your but am curious what the latest is on your health.Hope you are doing well.

I donĀ“t know you but I suddenly became happy for you. Keep being healthy, eat well, love a lot. Life is long after all if we live at the most every moment.

I am so happy. I found my dearest friend, know my first love is happy again and have been freed from control.

I am so happy I am moving back in with my parents!!! I'm unemployed and losing my home but I miss being close to my family. I feel so happy that I can see them on a daily basis. I know this is a good thing for me and my children. I know I will be working really soon.

Glad your ok.

Wonderful news!

Life* even

lie is to be embraced, challenged, enjoyed, explored, surrendered to and danced with in an almost endless celebration.<br />
<br />
I know you know this, I love to follow you, stalk your lovely writings

Thats good news girl-the best Ive heard all day!

Medical science is amazing! Congratulations.

that's right girllll love on your man tonight, hug and kiss your kids every chance you get<br />
<br />
congrats for being in good health


I have the same problem! My breasts are lumpy!! :0) I know how you feel, scary. Hang in there! Great news!!

It is fantastic when you get that kind of news--piece of mind is a wonderful thing! I had that scare a couple of years ago--had a stereotactic biopsy--"just" microcalicifactions (sp) have a marker in me now--had the scare again last year--everything was fine--that's all you think about til you get the "clean bill of health"

Congratulations - that's great!

Im new to EP, so i havent had a chance to read anything really, but i noticed this. But, i would still like to tell you that i hope the best for you for many years!! My grandmother had breast cancer a few years back, she is a survivor but was told a month or so ago, she now is fighting Lung cancer. Enough sad stories tho!! BE HAPPY, and stay strong!!!<br />
Tiff- WV

So happy you're well ... :)

if you need more hugs and kisses i am glad to hear your good.