I Am So Happy!!!!!!!!!

If you have read my stories then you know I have been very sick…a week ago I have a made a mammography and some days later my doc called me and said my right breast had showed an indeterminate tissue and he needs an additional imaging. The worse things came to my mind, I was devastated, lost and I could not sleep anymore…today I was at the doctor again, many exams have been made and after hours, the results came…just some little cysts and not bigger enough to get them removed yet…so nothing so serious!!!!!!!!!!

I am smiling all the time, I could dance, hug, cuddle and kiss my kids and friends…

I could make love to my man all night long!!!! WOW!!!!


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66 Responses Jul 14, 2008

This story makes me smile :)

Very, very glad to hear this!

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

So little one needs to realize how incredibly lucky we are just to be alive. All the most people do is complain complain complain.


Such happy news. Blessings.