I Am So Happy For a Really Good Day...

First of all I got a total of a little more than one hour sleep last night but I woke up this morning so that was a positive start.  Then I get to EP and my bestest was waiting for me to play with her a little and she had no issues and I had just my normally ones. Positive number 2.  Then I talked to my friend and he told me that he will always love me...(that was a BIGGEE because you know we have had issues.)  Positive number 3.  Then I had a very nice man tell me that he loves me...Positive 4... Then my long lost real life friend decides to come back into my life. Asks me for forgiveness for the mean thing he had done to me.  He was so persistent and apologetic that I have decided to give him another chance to be my friend. I literally spent the afternoon chattering away to my long lost friend my bestest and my EP Guy friend.  I have to say it is so awesome to have my friend back.  I have missed him as he ripped a big hole in my heart when he went away and now he is trying to repair it with some nice superglue. lol  I won't tell you the negative and the mess up I had at work bit lets just say it was bad but having my friends there for me made up for it.  Now if I just get to hang out with my AC then I will be perfect. 

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Nope... It was a perfect day. Any day I get to spend with HBY, Snowy, Goldie Scarlet, Orchid, and my Sil and my other friends is a great day in my book.

U2 bestest..... Well you took care of me earlier today when I shut down the freaking server accidentally... THe only thing I could say was oops I had my head up my a$$. Oh and I did use the word that AC taught me that you love so much... I said OHHHHHH (Beep) B. bought me Starbucks tonight or did I tell you that? Anyhow it is all good now.

You made me happy today too, honey, as usual. It was great to talk to you (for HOW long was that anyway?), and thank you for putting up with my mini melt this afternoon. You are an awesome Bestest!<br />
<br />

My former did get a little upset about my male friends. I have ALWAYS had male friends. I grew up in a neighborhood with only one other girl and she moved aways when I was like 9 yrs old. All my long term friends are male. I am very selective about the people I date. I just do not want a jealous man in my life so if you can't handle my friendships then I don't have to be friends with that man. In fact it is better that I don't.

Do your bf or husband get jealous that you have so many guy friends around you?

It is still freaking me out for y'all to all be QG... Jeesh I am trying to figure out which one I am talking to... I go by avatars not names lol.

Other than messing up a server it was a glorious day lol

I'm glad you had a nice day.