Jo, My Friend From Taichi Class

JO apologised today for causing me some discomfort, and thanked me for being patient for bearing with his forthrightness. he said he will not ''disturb'' me nor will he cross the ''boundaries'', no more saying things that will cause awkwardness etc.. he said he is afraid that if he keeps on, he might lose me as a friend.

i am so relieved and happy that he found his footing. this is important to me cos i want to have a nice clear mindset when i go for my class.
now, i can go for my taichi class without worrying about him wanting to send me home, buy me coffee etc. it can be so hard to say no, many times over.

now, we are friends like before :)

another happy day in 2013 :)

nice !!!
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Jan 10, 2013