Someone Have Dreamed About Me…

The dream was…

„I dreamed we were at our wedding.You were in a beautiful wedding dress standing with me and getting married.We went to the doctor and we found out you were pregnant.I had just gotten a job that would allow me to work for a company that pays well.Your kids were part of our wedding and looked happy.I remember you were crying a bit at the alter and I wiped your tears away and told you I love you.We said our I do's and left the alter and walked out.We were going to a hotel to be alone.We made love all night.Then we packed to go on our honeymoon to go wherever we wanted.We had such a wonderful time…“

It has been a whie since someone said such wonderful things to me, to share a life with me means that I must be very important to them…very sweet.


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2 Responses Aug 19, 2008

To know that someone care and wants you to always be there.