I Sang On Stage In Tamil Today

I'm African! Currently studying in India! Today was an interesting day! I'm a singer. Not world class and all, but good at what I do. I sing in choirs mostly! Today, I had a totally different experience. A friend of mine, for almost a year, has been asking me to sing one song in the language spoken here. Was a bit hesitant at first. But knowing that this guy won't leave me in peace, I decided to agree! After days of practice n hard work, the day finally came. My performance was kept last, because I was expected to be a hit! But that only added to the pressure, because u see, though i'm a singer, solo performances are usually not my thing. I sing in groups, choirs!!! So I was kind of scared! But when I walked up that stage, and sang the first few words, the crowd went wild, they all started clapping and cheering... Just took me to another level of excitement... A drive so strong came to me, that I strongly sang and enjoyed the song! I was shaking though.. lol! But it was a nice day!!!

teevu teevu
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3 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Hye teeve.. what song u sang. mind to share.

Yes Nicole, it was a great experience! Still reliving the moment when I get time!!! hahaha! I'm a sudden celebrity! Not getting be headed though!!! :)

Sounds like a great day. :)