Anthropological Fun

Me in the bus, studying Anthropology. Holding scripts in one hand. There is a picture of human body. Two guys, age 17-18 standing next to me. 
Guy 1 asks guy 2: So what, are you checking what's the name of that thing which hangs between your legs?
Guy2 replies: Noooo, I'm just looking.... 

So I found the picture of the thing that hangs between men's legs and showed them how it's called in Latin. They were happy!
It made my day! 

bublina bublina
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9 Responses Feb 17, 2011

bubble is a cute. I like it.


*giggles* Oh, I'm so lucky. =D

Love you too, angel. I'm glad that you know how it is called. :P

you can say bubble, the meaning is the same and I will understand who are you talking about, if it's easier for you to remember. :)

Sorry. I keep spelling his name wrong. <br />
<br />

bulbula. <br />
Yes, i know he was.

Ah... the human race...interesting.. <br />
<br />
Bubluba was online yesterday.

:D :D Or to see their faces? :D :D hehehehehehehhe