From A Unbreakable Bond To A Pile Of Rubble

In the past week or so, there was this constant battle of wills ensuing on and off, throws of words hurting and hurting back. I had befriended whom I thought was the mist unique and understanding person. It all started out like some friendships do and it eventually turned into a very strong bond and support for one another. If given the opportunity to fall in love with this person, it would have been no effort on my part yet this was not what she was looking for and I understood it. I just don't think she believed me.

We used to chat via messages or what have you, we never missed a beat in sharing our morning coffee with one another, talking about what the plans were for that day or the weekend. She was a one of those people who was so far ahead of her time and had such an insight that some how shadowed mine in some ways.

After a while the company I work for no longer allowed emails during or at break time. So I conveyed this to my friend and I don't think she believed me because she started saying that my messages were far and few in between and they were short. okay granted they weren't as lengthy as they should have been considering hers were filled with so much of which she needed to say. Mine on the other hand was less articulate and well short so I tried to improve on that and eventually the friendship started to break down and I didn't want to lose this friendship with this unique lady.

To make a long story short, she thought I was sending her spam to her and everyone else when in fact it wasn't me and what threw me off was she was a computer geek who knew her stuff and I tried to tell her that it was a spy bot in other words malware which I ahve been trying to contain and hold till my friend can help with this soft ware they have to raddicate what ver it was that has gotten me into so much hot water.

So it got ugly last night and it ended with some serious bruised egos an hearts, if i could take it all back, I would and if you find orself reading this.... I am truly sorry
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well thank you for reading

well it was confirmed that what I said really hurt her and if I could take back or erase these things then I would. I can't receive forgiveness if she isn't willing to give. I don't blame her for being so upset with me, all because of a breakdown in communication. I'm not looking for excuses for my actions because there isn't any and again if I could take them back, it would have been done the day it happened. People say some really hurting things when they are hurting themselves. She tried to tell me but I just couldn't see past my anger. Its a high price to pay when one is blind with anger and self pitty.<br />
One ting to remember, if you value a friendship as much as I do, pay close attention to what they try to tell you

Am sorry to hear about the breakdown and misunderstanding between you and this special person..I can relate..I know how it feels to become sooo close to someone and then...have it go down the drain.hopefully it will get easier as time goes by...just keep talkin about it to ppl who suport you...