Wonder At Nature ..

Lots of things touch my heart .. often to do with kindness to animals. In the vets this morning was a young lady with no money but she promised to pay over a few weeks because her cat needed attention. I felt for her because the receptionists voice was loud and everyone was listening.

But I have just read the newspaper and there is a two page spread about Joseph Fritzl and the children he fathered by raping his imprisoned daughter, Elisabeth.

The article goes on to talk about Felix the youngest chilld (now 6yrs) and how he is still finding delight in everything he had never seen before and how he spends most of his time in the garden.  He loves to hug trees, stroke plants and grass, and stares up at the sky saying he just cant believe how beautiful the moon is.

Docters think that Felix is likely to recover best out of all the children as he was so young and unaware of what was happening to his mother.

I hope he never loses his sense of wonder ..

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How can anyone do this? I just don't get it.

Yes .. they see things for the first time .. and we get so used to things we often don't see them anymore. I remember the first time I saw a cocoon and waited for butterfly to emerge .. I was Sooooooooooo excited!!

The papers were full of pictures a few months ago <br />
<br />
The woman was allowed to pay over a couple of weeks

Me too ..

I like to believe that perhaps Felix shall be the great gift of love born from such hideous behavior.

It is a horrific story but that little boys wonder at everything brings tears to my eyes .. I hope he goes on to have a loving happy life.

It's almost impossible to imagine a life trapped in a basement having never seen the stars, walked through the rustling fall leaves, smelled the air after a rainstorm.<br />
<br />
I'm sure little Felix is actually receiving healing energy from the trees and grass and moon. I'd like to believe so anyways.