A Poem.....

::You Are To Me ::

You are to me, a dreamer's dream come true. The points of a snowflake, the summer skies of blue. The freshest breath of cool spring air. The cuddliest of all the sweetest teddy bears. Waters of the many lakes, rivers, & streams. The cry of a baby bird, A hawk's, eagle's scream. The clouds of fullness, like a bouncy cotton ball. The trees of the wilderness, the ones that even fall. The stars painted on a dark quiet night. The moon when full & even out of sight. The sun in all its brilliance to shine from above, the rays that set out to touch, to make it feel like love...... Whispering winds on wintry days, quivering leaves when Autumn has stayed. The colors of those pretty leaves, the sand & the stone buried beneath. The universe I have yet to see...........This is what you are to me.

With Love Teri

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1 Response Mar 16, 2009

Wow, How refreshing and vibrant ! Keep up the great posts!