Watching My Wife Give Another Guy Head

We went to a swingers party one time, we had several drinks & mingled some. We really enjoyed ourselves, Several guys came up to my wife & talked she even pulled a few ***** out & played with them. A group of us were talking in the back of the room some sitting some standing, my wife was sitting when she pulled this guys **** out & started giving head. She was really into it, you could see he was enjoying it as well. It looked like he was not far from ******* when she stopped & put it back into his pants And just started to talk again as if nothing happened. God it turned me on so much, we later found out that his wife was standing there watching as well. We ended up going back to our room with plans on returning to the party, but we ended up having mind blowing sex & was to worn out to do anything. I would love to share her with another guy sometime & watch her get her brains ****** out.

hornytna hornytna 51-55, M 17 Responses May 2, 2009

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Never give up! I am a man almost 19 years older than your age and my wife finally became a new hot wife after 41 years of marriage and thrilled me by taking a new lover as I watched! She now has had 5 new ***** in last year and a half and I...LOVE IT!

hot...would she like to suck my ****..see my pics and as my wife sees this

Send me a friend invite and I'll check your **** out, I think she'd love to feel your big thick **** filling her ***** with a nice big hot thick load of your ***. I know I'd love it and greatly enjoy sliding my **** into her well ****** *** filled ***** when your done using her.

How did she have the willpower to stop and tuck back in pants? Then, if he's anywhere above in hell did she tuck it back in pants easily? When rock hard..almost impossible!

Mac she loves to tease guys and she did have a bit of a tuff time sticking back in his pants but she did it. She was going to **** him later but they ended up having several other people in their room and she wasn't into that.

My wife is very good at teasing and she did have a bit of a problem stuffing him away, but she has done many things thought to be impossible during our 37 yrs of marriage and I've enjoyed most of them first hand.

Good luck with that...want the same for my wife

you need to read my story of sharing her, it took a while but she now ***** one of our friend when she is in the mood, she has ****** him alone and has also had both of us at the same time and loves her new found sexual freedom.

That must have been fun!

Oly it was awesome seeing his eyes roll into the back of his head and her bobbing up and down on his ****.

Huh, I wonder what made her decide to actually do it for a little bit...she must have driven the guy crazy when she stopped like that.

Yes Ward she did, I think she was just teasing him as he was making a few suggestive comments and kept rubbing his crotch while he stood in front of her while she was talking. Still was great to see her drive him crazy with her mouth and tongue and would love to see her do it again to completion this time.

Lucky man! My wife has never given head to another man (that I know of), let alone in front of me! I would give anything to see that!!

Great story. You should find that same couple again and swap.

Very hot little story. I've seen my wife do something similar so I know the sex must have been awesome when you got back to the room. Thanks for sharing.

Maybe I could be that first guy, would be fun.

have you watched your woman take another man yet? What state are you in? Ron

I have & you are right-- it's fantastic!!

Well.. be sure and let me know when ya want it to happen! Bill in Va.

I never had to wonder, I KNEW she would!

It must be so sexy to watch her suck another man, wondering if she'll let him *** in her mouth.....

Hope you get to do that, it's fantastic!

Very cool lady!