Sometimes As Equally Important As

“I love you” are three little words that we long to hear from individuals but aren’t there other three letter sentences we would also cherish just as much?


Having a sister with cancer I know that three words I would love for her doctor to say are, “you’re in remission.”  How great would that be for her or possibly for my friend debjean to hear those words and I am sure they would mean just as much as "I love you" to them and their families in that moment. 

For the child molestation victim wouldn’t they want to hear, “you are safe” or possibly “I believe you.”  Don’t you think those three words mean as much to them as "I love you" during that crisis moment in their life? 

For those of us who have friends and family in the military don’t you think, “I am ok” or “I’m coming home” are just as sweet as hearing “I love you” when you have been ripped apart from those who mean the most to you? 

There are lots of “three letter phrases” I’d love to hear and “I love you” is one of them, but I can think of a lot more that are more important in certain scenarios.  So I end this posting with a three letter phrase and challenge you. “Think about it!”


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I agree!!!! Good point Katri.

idk "i respect you": ":I appreciate you" and "I want you" are pretty darn nice too

Thanks y'all.

I agree with evergreen. Only I would add " except for my children" Ha!...DD

absolutely right!<br />
But there are a lot who doesnt say these words for the fear of being vulnerable to pain and commitment.<br />
There are also some who are misusing or abusing the use of these words thinking that they can get what they want.<br />
But just the same, Im happy reading your post.

As soon as I read your story, I knew my answer, as did you. Yes, there are so many, we couldn't count, but the ones that do, they are the ones that last in our hearts and memories's 3 more......Thank you JF. Peace be with you on your journey. Debijean

me too girl

to you FG: "You are awesome" --and i totally agree with you. any words that are said with meaning, and or understanding means more to me than the L word. i actually don't really like the L word unless they are said by close friends and relatives. cause i have heard that said to me way too much recently by men who are still boys.. i think i would be more touched and happy if someone said 'you are funny' =P

Awww Aurthur. I adore you.

thank you sweetie.

what a wonderful bit of writing you have done here. very moving.

LMAO...... Yes you do.

hahahahaha<br />
<br />
omg...I almost fell back in my office chair<br />
<br />
*regains composure*<br />
<br />
I haven't the faintest as to what you are speaking of, Fun :P

Thanks GMZ. I almost put "for the chicks dating coppers I bet they like to hear, "my nightstick's ready!"

Fun, I think this is a great post and all too true. :)


Thanks guys for your comments.

The three words that you have text me that meant volumes to me are... "you are ok", and for that, girl, I have to say "I love you" :)

You are connected to debijean too? <br />
<br />
You know my heart aches...........................

"GREAT POST, FG"!!!... <br />
"Two Thumbs Up"!!... :)

lol ns

good ones as well.

"I forgive you" is one of the best.<br />
<br />
"I cherish you".<br />
<br />
"You did well!"<br />
<br />
Just a few off the top of my head. ;-)

awww those are good too.

i love to hear (be my friend) a lot of people don't say it but i'm sure that there are many that have someone that they need very much as a friend.