OMG! Shoes!

He leaves his shoes EVERYWHERE! I am pretty sure that he has more than I do, but mine are cute little dainty things, he has these HUGE work boots that are all dusty and easily get caked with mud. He could at least set them upright, maybe even tuck them out of the way. That is what I do with my sneakers; I have a little spot that is neatly tucked away and inconspicuous, right at the foot of our bed. Not my husband! Even though I have asked him to put his shoes on the special rack that I put right by the front door for him, more times than I can count… I still find them all over the house! His work boots in the game room next to the pool table, not under it and out of the way, sneakers in the bedroom in the middle of the floor, sandals in the bathroom and bowling shoes in the foyer… THIS IS ON A DAILY BASIS! The man wears this many pairs of shoes a day! 

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What's funny is that we have a rack in our hallway for shoes. When we bough this rack my husband made it clear to everyone that we were to take our shoes off and place them on the rack upon entering. If he found a pair of our shoes any where but that rack, he'd pick them up and throw them with all his might at the nearest wall or door or down the steps. I can't say how many arguments that we had over this in the beginning. (We just got married in May) Now HE leaves his boots or shoes wherever he takes them off at... and I get so much gratification in throwing them :)

Ha ha ha ha ha haaa! That's funny! Oh, that's funny!

Gee, that sounds like my 5 year old daughter-- only her shoes are a lot cuter and not as easy to trip over!