The horse does the work and the coachman gets tipped.

When he cleans the house, he always starts in one room, which is a great strategy when done properly. He can clean three rooms before I can even clean one! How does he do this, you ask? He takes everything that does not belong in that room, which adds up to quite a bit when two children live in the house, and he just piles it all into an adjacent room… So not only does he get to unload the lion’s share of clutter from his room, hacking tons of time off of his clock, he is also adding time to mine because he ALWAYS shoves his clutter into the room I happen to be cleaning. On top of all that, he then has to bring up the fact that he cleaned that room all by himself, when really; all he did was move its contents out. Like a kid who does not want to eat his dinner, he slyly hands it to the dog under the table and just pushes around what he has left on his plate. He doesn't even throw the garbage in the trash can. This last time he cleaned the gameroom,  he put it all in a bag and stuck it in the room I was cleaning

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I do 90 percent of all the cleaning in our home. Dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, toilets, putting away laundry, taking out the trash. I cook about 40 percent of the time, and washing and drying laundry about 50 percent of the time and keep track of and handle all of the bills. Oh and I also work a full time job with every fifth weekend on call. Not all men are lazy idiots.

I love this story! My husband is a neat freak, but doesn't begin to clean anything until he sees that I am drowning. His usual excuse is that his mess isn't that big. He doesn't notice his clutter of course.

guys in general seem to be so lazy when it comes to cleaning. us women should use our feminine wiles to get them clean more and more efficiently

This sounds like my husband! Are you sure we are not married to the same one? LOL Just kidding....! But, men seem to all be the same, I'd say.<br />
And your title is very apropos. I feel useless because I don't have a job. Really... if he had to do all the things I did in an hour, he'd die in the first five minutes! Yet, I am the one who never gets appreciated. Ok, maybe one day a year. On mother's day. For, maybe three seconds.