My Prince Charming Is Really An Ignorant Frog

I can not stand it when my guy uses purposeful ignorance to get out of things that reguard the family and I . He lives in a bubble and if it doesn't fit .. he's not interested!!!!! And he wonders why I end up on the computer,,,, hell I'm surprised he even notices that I get on here at all.
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3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I thought I was the only one with a man who doesn't have that sense that I need to be taken care of. His idea of it is paying bills. As long as he works, that's all he has to do. So I quit doing many of the things that I do to take care of him. I hate ***-for-tat but why throw my pearls to swine?


AMEN!! You know that my husband actually went an entire year without seeing my side of the family at all! Oh, but I had to go to all of his side of the family crap, even though I can't stand them, Most of the time I had to go to his side of the family stuff without him! The worst part about it is when my parents ask me if he is mad at them or if he doesn't like them. I feel horrible lying to them and I can't ever look them in the eye when I tell them he is working again... They are just little boys who don't want to clean up their rooms, only difference is we at least have some power over our sons.... and absolutely none over our husbands!