I Have Come To The Conclusion That We Should Store Them Until We Need Them.

Seriously, When men come home what do they do.. make a mess. Whats the point of sex on there terms ,, none, Whats the use of allowing them to beleive we are all equal and happy. I say we store them until needed .. girls ..science project for you post grads looking for work.. create a capsule we can storethem in till needed. Work fine .. pull them out dress em up ship em out then put em right back in till say its time to fix the door or if its your bday and alls well in your world pull em, make em greatful to be alive, and see how good they make your bday, then put right back in
no more messes .. no more fights .. no more wasting time explaining that yes you have always had brown hair and yes you do have a magical way of removing a grass stain after he decided to act like he was 12 and go play football with the guys and yes youre sure aspirin will help the pain. Just think about it girls ... bliss .. in a tube.
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Jul 20, 2010