Killing Bieber

Remember when people would say they wish someone would kill Justin Bieber? Well, Dana Martin and Mark Staake tried.

Apparently, Martin and Staake met in prison. There, they planned to kill two of Staake's acquiantances with Staake's trademark paisley ties for strangulation and then kill Justin Bieber and his bodyguard. Staake was eventually released and immediately met up and conspired with his nephew Tanner Ruane. The plan entailed traveling from to Vermont where the first would-be victims are located and then New York, where Justin Bieber was scheduled to perform.

For some reason though, Staake confessed to the authorities and the duo were stopped before they could even play their plan into motion.

This must be very shocking and fearful news for the popstar. It was reported that the instructions were not just kill but "castrate and kill".
mareliberum mareliberum
Dec 12, 2012