Am I Doing The Right Thing?

well, late these days, my friends seems so close with my ex which i dislike him so much. i don't care if they wanna be friends with him cuz that's their own business. but then, lately my friends and him always hang out together when i'm there in the group, which make me feel so uncomfortable. and i'm like "DUH!! what the hell is they doing??" i kept my mouth shut and always playing with my phone when he's around with my friends. am i doing wrong with keeping my mouth shut??

i know my friends realize that i'm changing [much more silent than before], but then they say, "we're closed because the assignments!" oh well very good point there right? they realize i'm changing, but they didn't realize that they're changing too!! now, all of them are less-talking with me. i keep it shut, i didn't tell them about what i feel. because i'm the kind of person who don't like to talk about what i'm not satisfied with. i just like to keep it alone.. i don't even talk about this to my family of coz! never!

am i doing the wrong thing when i'm less-talk and keep myself far from them?

RedBlackLover RedBlackLover
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2010