I Want to Shave My Head

After being in freezing cold, winter weather for months, I'm really not used to the hot & humind weather in Malaysia. It's so hot and sweaty I want to wear my birthday suit & shave off all my long shoulder length hair.


Recently, I dreamed that I was shaving my head. The dream was a very long one.. If feels like 3-5 hours in the dream. Throughout the entire dream, I was using alot of effort to shave my hair off. At first, I was using a razor blade, that was hell. Then someone passed me an electric razor and things got better. I managed to shave off most of my hair at the end and I felt happier.


That dream was the second time I dreamt of shaving my head. The first time I had  the dream, no matter how hard I try to shave my head bald, I still have lots of hair on my head.


Wonder what all these means...

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7 Responses Apr 9, 2008

It means you are for sure to do it.

it seems like deep down that's really what you want to do. Go for it!

just do it, it's a deliberate feeling

It means you want to do it, but you have no experience to fill in your dream since you have never shaved your head. I say go for it. Love a woman with a shaved head! Very sexy!

Sounds like you have a strong desire to shave your head but something deep inside is saying no. What is saying no is what is winning. Maybe yoy have the desire but you're not ready yet to go through with it yet. When you can ne shaved completely smooth in your dream then see about shaving your head.

I dream and fantasis about head shaving often in fact as a young child I had recurring nightmares about being force shaved. Later those nightmares turned into sex fantasies which mangled my brain for years. All good now though:) When I have conflict like yours in my head shaving dreams I just think it is a combination of my own genuine and valid fears mingled with messages from media telling me as a woman what I am doing is wrong and bad somehow. I love being a bad *** any chance I get so going against the whole society/media notions works good for me.

nah I won't. A Bhutan Lama told me I am not suitable to be a nun after reading my palm. I guess I'm just not cut out to be one.

You don't have to be a nun to shave your head. Go for it.