Shaving Dream Needed To Be Fulfilled


I am a professional model and Lap dancer my hair is my thing if it were. Long thick n half way down my back.
For atleast 2 years I have had such a fantasy or having my head shaved whether by a lover , forced or just in general.
I shook it off for so long but now it's getting out of hand I need to fulfill it. I don't just want to shave my head myself its to have it done to me either hacked off my head or erotically as a sexual experience.
I am actually petrified of short hair but serious about doing it within the next month.
Ill be the bald lap dancer in more ways than one. I am from the uk n willing to travel as I do for work in any case.
If anyone is genuinely serious about this please get in touch as one man was but then chickened out it seems ...... I'm 26 years old

Debz222 Debz222
26-30, F
10 Responses Dec 16, 2012

If you still want to shave your head,I will still do it for you.

I want to do it

I had have a desire to shave my head at least once in my life for about ten years. I am lucky my husband help me to live my fantasy. In October 2013 he called a barber to our home and shaved my head completely bald and I really like it. It was a wonderful experience for me.

I would love to shave your head, I live in Michigan, usa

hello, hows it going are you a shaven goddess now, if not i would love to talk to you, depending our chemistry we can work out how to shear off your tresses. I am from the UK :)

I don't know if you ever did it but I can relate. I am a guy, a bit older but still good looking and I have always wanted to find a girl who was into this. If you're in Los Angeles ever I would love to have a shaving experience with you. I totally get the obsession. I am currently working up the balls to shave my head. My job, my friends, my look, etc. are all feeding my fear. I would love for a girl and me to save our heads together.

just inbox me...

i would gladly do it would u travel to the usa

I would love to take you up on the offer, inbox me

Hi Debz222,
Just saw your post. Have you managed yet to get anyone to do it? If not, I also am from the UK and would be interested. I have the necessary equipment and I am also willing to travel.
Do you want to strike up a conversation with me and we can try to come to some arrangement that suits both of us?

Please let me know.