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Ripe. Yup, ready to eat. Not a minute too late. 

And with shells . .  .

I made the plate.
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Perfect for photographs, for looking, and for the tastes of many, but too far gone for me to enjoy. If I don't fear that they're so freshly off the tree and out of the shipping container that they have horrible deadly poisonous spiders under each bunch, I'm hesitant to grab for one. As pictures go, you've got the eye.

I love the improbable juxtaposition of bananas and shells, seeking a dialectic that, like Godot, never arrives. The semisoft vulnerable and larger phallus bananas impotent despite their firm lengths, unable to engage the female hard exoskeletal shells, unable to penetrate their diminutive armor, which triumphs.

exactly what i was thinking!

Of course!

Cool photos. I am suprised no lewd banana remarks either. Funny I am eating a banana right now. Wheird how that happens.

... woow.. mouth water drops on my key board....!!!

I like my bananas on the green side but love bananas. More ripe are the smoothie type!

Yayyy BANANAS,,,,,,ALL kinds......This was my attempt at something lewd!! I do love the real ripe ones and that plate ROCKS!! Both shots were great and totally creative!! :D

I like my bananas a little hard ...when they start to get the brown spots I have to consider banana bread.. love the pic -btw!

The plate is very cool !!!<br />
<br />
mmmmm .... now I'm hungry for a banana smoothie ....

That is the perfect time to eat a banana, when they have a good number of brown spots on them. None of that "kinda-green" crap . . . <br />
<br />
Like the look of the plate as well. The composition of the plate and matching shell in the bottom picture is well done.

I'm eating a banana as we speak - yummy!

Oh yes, and good for you too. I usually have a shake ever day with protein powder, a 'nana, ice cubes, almond milk and a dab of cinnamon.

Sounds delicious :)

I love bananas and have three sitting on my desk at this very moment. Two before lunch and one mid afternoon most every day.