3/23/12 Signs Of Our Failed Economy

When it's time for my husband to go back to work, I drive an hour and a half to take him to the yard that he has to park his tanker. While driving there, I always pass through this town that is virtually a ghost town, due to the economic crisis that our country is facing today. So, today on my way home from dropping my husband off, I stopped along the way to take some shots.

There is a subdivision started, then building stopped when the housing market crashed. There are nearly 30 unfinished homes in the subdivision. All the homes are covered in graffiti ,have broken windows, and there are even gun shots in the wood and windows. If you look at this one, you can see how the windows were used for target practice.

Almost all of the homes are abandoned and have been for sale for so long that weeds have taken over.

Others, like the horse ranch below, have been abandoned without even bothering to attempt to sell or maybe they just gave up on finding a buyer.

This town is filled with closed businesses like the one below

The only sign of life in this town is a tiny country grocery store, a small area of trailers that looks like a junk yard, and these beautiful flowers.

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8 Responses Mar 23, 2012

There are a lot of abandoned and empty homes here too. It's made even more sad and senseless considering the number of people without homes.

many people are thinking about the 12/21/2012 prof icy of doom, feeling like a comet will hit or Christ will return, and other things too. Scares me. Leaves me feeling alittle hopeless. Really, will our way of life in america b over as we know it?

Only time will tell.

I live in Scottsdale Az. Where there are many upscale shopping centers and many vacant store fronts, many car dealers still remain closed. Forclosers remain high in Az.

The economic crisis this country is facing has devastated so much, but though your pictures you show people there is a light at the end of the tunnel .

This is a very common sight in Ireland. Whole estates of houses, new but empty ... and many unfinished homes - they're referred to here as "Ghost Estates". A lot of business premises either empty and abandoned or to let too. Very sad to see. But the flowers still bloom and spring is on its way ... inspite of man's greed. Which is comforting.

Really? Umm, any chance of outsides buying them?

I suspect anyone with a pocket full of cash would be welcome Firegod ... I don't expect that anyone would mind where the buyer came from!

Amazing(to a builder) that enough wind hasn' come along to take the roof trusses down on that 'barn'. Also kinda hard to see how someone saw value in building that much without finishing.

Beautiful, haunting images, I love this.

The photos youve added to your story have given it so much reality. You must have a good camera as the pictures are rich in colour. I thank you for your amazeing input and thought.