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Enigmatic - My Challenge - 4-4-12


Sometimes what you see is not what you think it is.

The mystery solved:

Sensual Pose

1petitegreeneyes 1petitegreeneyes 46-50, F 7 Responses Apr 4, 2012

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Awesome , bautiful pic and beautiful skin also!!

Who said it was me? lol

no one lol , but if it is.........BEAUTIFUL!!!

awww....... I love these two photos.. very ~art~ inspired.. and using the imagination.. and making the viewer use his/her imagination works perfectly here :)<br />
<br />
beautiful beautiful beautiful

Ahhhhh...........Thank you! *smile*

Well....I knew it wasn't lobster. Then I saw the second pic and thought.... that's like a good cookie! Lol

How funny! lol

Oh my look what I stumbled upon. <br />
You always make me smile............<br />
Very exotic........

What did you stumbled upon? lol
My challenge......... and boy was it a challenge! lol Thanks!

I coulda got that one! I'm always late to the party. :(<br />
<br />
Sexy shot though! I keep trying to scroll it down though.....

So scrolling is not working for you? lol
Yes just a tad late! lol Thanks!

I got the last one I'll get this one soon enough

Will you? How much time should I give you? I have what it is ready to

Go ahead... Looks like some sort of profile of a person w/ lots of hair.....

A hairy person! lol A troll maybe? lol

Bingo.. right again, now that's it's not blurred!

lol! You're on a roll! lol

I'm back... lol &amp; I'm good!

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Awesome !!!

Are you saying awesome because you think you know what it is? lol Because it's not! lol

Because it's not what ??? .... what YOU think that I think it is ???? .... LOL .... I said awesome because in it's ambiguity, it's really interesting ....

My challenge sure was a