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Curves - 4-5-12

In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.

1petitegreeneyes 1petitegreeneyes 46-50, F 139 Responses Apr 5, 2012

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Thanks! :)

Most of the time I'm on the phone app and I seen your post the other day about your photos of the month but with the app I don't get to see the pics. Logged on to my PC though and seen the pics and they're very nice indeed.

Awwwww.............why thank you! :) :) I get some very good tips from someone. :) :)

i LOVE this photo!

are you the subject?
the photographer?

both? :-)

Thank you! I am both....the subject and the photographer. :)

an amazin' selfie!

now we have to ponder whether and what u are wearing BESIDES the holdups....

Thank you. :) :) Helps me with body position, thoughts as I do, on the moment body relaxation........and on and on. :) :)

keep relaxing then ;-)

Thank you! :)

You have some gorgeous gams there.

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very interesting photo..great subject. great results

Thanks! :)

B&W photography! This brings out the essence of a picture.
Thank you for sharing this.

Thanks for the comment! :)

Beautiful Picture!

Thank you. :) :)

I must say I enjoy your profile picture as well.

Thanks! :)

A simple pose turned amazing with the right camera setting. I like it.

Thanks! :) :) Lucky shot. :)

you planned it...Not so lucky as it is the start of skills.


My legs thank you! :)

Is that you? It's very sexy... I'm not typically that excited by lingerie but you could change my mind. Lovely. Sensual and suggestive...

Yes it is me. Thanks again. :)


Thank you! It's very kind of you to say. :)

Damn sensual.


Very nice

Looks perfect to me!

I love your curves!

i am so in lurve with your body and spirit.. xx

*smiling* awwwwwwww....... *smile*

Beauty should be from head to toe, you prove that point.

Wow! What a nice compliment! Thank you!

One of these days you may even add me to your circle. Would love to pay many of your photos a compliment.

Still uncertain about adding me huh?

what an absolutely stunning black & white truly captures how beautiful all women are...masterpieces of beauty")

Thanks! :) My legs thank you too! :)

I think this one has been around EP long enough to qualify as an EP classic!!! *whistle*

laughing! Thanks! I think! LOL


Thanks! :)

hubba hubba - for lack of better words

Very kind of you to say. :)

you make my heart pound.

Ohhhhhhh, That is so HOT!!! Would you please add me...

Thank you! :)

great pic...has a glow

Didn't you know I glow? lol

Yes, so artful... Have a wonderful day!!!

Thanks! :) :) You have one yourself! :)

Interesting photo. I really like that

Thank you! *smile*

very erotic photography

Thanks! :) :)

love the old style sensual photo!

I miss you xx

Wow! Hi! How are you?

wow! beautiful shot!!

Thanks! *smile*

This photo is so sensual.


Omg. Beautiful

Awww Steve! You are always so very ................. *smile* well thank you! :)

Old style seductive pic! love it! reminds me of nostalgic days!

Thank you! :)

so lovely and tasteful...would you please add me?

Thanks for the request. I'll check your profile ............... :) :)

Mmm, your attention to the nicer things in wardrobe department is very effective.

Why thank you! :) :) My body appreciates it too! lol

Life is Art, and the body is the most wonderful object to be shared.

no words... just mmmmmmm

Those are even awesome in negative format!!! ;-)

Very sexy way you used the negative. Nice legs.

Oh My, what a great way to get windfall profits! I love smart women and especially when they know how to control their power of men. I agree with all these guys and wish to add, I'd love to have the next dance!

Very nice photo. I like the choice of filter or whatever you use d to take it. Like the choice of stockings also. You have beautiful legs.

Now this is art, very creative, very sexy.
I would guess these beautiful long legs are yours?
As a "professional leg connoisseur"...I must say, these are absolutely beautiful.
Not sure what filter you used on your camera, but kudos...tastefully erotic.

Thank you! It's very kind of you to say and yes they are my legs! *smile*

very sensuous curves, great photography....thanx for sharing !

Very nice shot.

living art! :)))
Thankx! Have a good ep time!

Thank you! *smile*

Looks like a Man Ray picture.

oh? Thanks for the comment! :) :)

Man Ray explored the concept of "solarization" which was to expose the print to room light for a second while it was still on the enlarger easel and the effect was a lot like yours is.

Oh wow! That is interesting. I will google him! Thank you! *smile*

I am all in favor of a photo-a-day....moods, expressive peeks at your personality, tastes....add me?

Thanks for the comment! :) :) I'll check your profile! :) :)

how do i find your treasure

i ll have fun looking for your used treasure

Used? never used............. :)

so far so good more plz

There is more, you just have to find it! lol

yup, love it...

*smile* Thank you! :)

nice picture, i want to see more.add me please

Yummy legs!

Nice, I like it. :)

Thank you! :)

wow really very beautiful :)

Thank you! *smile*

Wow - was not expecting that! Gorgeous gams there Miss Petite!

Thanks! What a nice thing to say! :) :)


Oh Oh! lol

Wait a minute! I recognize those fine legs with classy stockings! Don't they belong to the petite lady whose face, whose eyes I just can't see? Sigh...


Beautiful... There's more than a thousand words in that picture!

Thank you so much for reading it! :)

Nice picture

Thank you! :)

Beautiful and sexy

Thank you! *smile*

I so love curves

I love curves

So true. 10 simple words matched with a lovely picture, so expressive.

Thank you! *smile*

Very nice :)


beautiful legs in dream stockings (did the reverse with the pic, G R E A T)

Thank you! ;)

Beautiful pic.....very sexy and erotic

Thank you! *smile*

you just ain't right!! :-P

Absolutely lovely, thank you :)

Thank you! *smile*

ahem!! You are slacking on your photo a day here missy! ;-p xox

lol I know right?

I need inspiration.............have any thoughts for me? lol

Many!! ;o)

LOL Oh? Should I not ask? LOL

Well not on here anyway. ;o)

*laughing* Thanks for the warning! LOL

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yes it is id love for u to add me

I love you sexy legs in the pretty thigh highs with the lace top ! sweet

you are such a dream girl!!

Thanks Steve! You are always so kind! *smile*

Gorgeous legs


I guess it's true that nothing beats a great pair of legs.

great legs

Very beautiful.

Very nice. Love the black and white.

*checks for boo boo`s* Nope looking good. ;o)

LOL I am hiding them! LOL

Agreed. I would love to shoot your curves one day...

Thanks for the compliment! :) :)

So classy. I love the lace.

Thank you! :) :)


I could say something to that but I won't! *smile*

I want you to tell hon.. plz... (not here)...

lol Oh yea? It could get me into trouble! lol

when are we gonna meet ?lol Lemme reply to this too.. Soon

You got it! Meet around the corner! lol


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That's really nice ... Thank you - love the photo- mmmh nice - MARK xx

Thank you so much! *smile*

Very cool shot, petitegreeneyes. :-)

Did you shoot that in infrared? If not, how were you able to achieve such an other-worldly image?

It's just a pic.......... I would say it was all luck! Thanks for the comment!

You're welcome.

Very nice shot :)



Thanks! :)

I will try to remember to write a story or a poem about the curves I see and photograph in the Grand Canyon.

Beautiful curves.