Curves - 4-5-12

In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.

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Thanks! :)

Most of the time I'm on the phone app and I seen your post the other day about your photos of the month but with the app I don't get to see the pics. Logged on to my PC though and seen the pics and they're very nice indeed.

Awwwww.............why thank you! :) :) I get some very good tips from someone. :) :)

i LOVE this photo!

are you the subject?
the photographer?

both? :-)

Thank you! I am both....the subject and the photographer. :)

an amazin' selfie!

now we have to ponder whether and what u are wearing BESIDES the holdups....

Thank you. :) :) Helps me with body position, thoughts as I do, on the moment body relaxation........and on and on. :) :)

keep relaxing then ;-)

Thank you! :)

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Beautiful pic.

very interesting photo..great subject. great results

Thanks! :)

B&W photography! This brings out the essence of a picture.
Thank you for sharing this.

Thanks for the comment! :)

Beautiful Picture!

Thank you. :) :)

I must say I enjoy your profile picture as well.

Thanks! :)

beaufitul lace on an even more beautiful set of legs

My legs thank you. :)

I can only imagine what's attached to them ;-)

I'm attached to them ... lol

Ahh, but to view the you..

Thanks! :) :) I am ok with the "me" LOL

gorgeous legs!

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A simple pose turned amazing with the right camera setting. I like it.

Thanks! :) :) Lucky shot. :)

you planned it...Not so lucky as it is the start of skills.


My legs thank you! :)

Is that you? It's very sexy... I'm not typically that excited by lingerie but you could change my mind. Lovely. Sensual and suggestive...

Yes it is me. Thanks again. :)

Love stockings on a fine lady but the camera settings really set those legs off. Very alluring.....

I will tell my camera you said! Thanks for the comment! *smile*

Believe me, the camera knows.......;)

Interesting.........I will have to see the pics my camera takes to see. :) :) lol I have a few....:) :)

So curious now................thanks to your camera!

*laughing* Well you know the camera has a mind of it's own! :)

Me and MR. Nikon think alike!!!

Really? OH OH........That says so much! lol

You've never heard that before............I know, I know. Tell Mr. Nikon that I'm ready to see what he has in mind;)

I have heard, let me help your camera decide and a few other comments but no one has given my camera the respect it wanted! ha ha ha!

Must run! Thanks for the chat, laugh and smiles. Do not 'vibe" yourself into my camera! LOL

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Thank you! It's very kind of you to say. :)

Damn sensual.


Compelling and so beautiful, yet so simple. The art of black and white and the power of suggestion melded into one very sensual image.

*smile* Thank you! :)

Love lace top stocking

Nice :)

Very nice

Looks perfect to me!

I love your curves!

Love this! :-)

A sight for sore eyes..beautiful!

Nice legs. Just wow.

Thank you! It's very kind of you to say! :) :)

i am so in lurve with your body and spirit.. xx

*smiling* awwwwwwww....... *smile*

I love nice legs.

I love nice legs too...... :) :)

Are they your legs ?

If they are you very fortunate . Can't but those

Can't buy I meant to say...

Thank you! I will read your profile and get to know you more. Thank you for the request! :) :)

Yes they are.

how do u fend off the boyz in the neighborhood?

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Beauty should be from head to toe, you prove that point.

Wow! What a nice compliment! Thank you!

Your welcome .. Show me a few more of your legs.

One of these days you may even add me to your circle. Would love to pay many of your photos a compliment.

Still uncertain about adding me huh?

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what an absolutely stunning black & white truly captures how beautiful all women are...masterpieces of beauty")

Thanks! :) My legs thank you too! :)

I think this one has been around EP long enough to qualify as an EP classic!!! *whistle*

laughing! Thanks! I think! LOL


Thanks! :)

Well don't call me a male chauvinist. I am in love with the the lines and curves of a beautiful woman. I am inspired truly and I see them in art, furniture,buildings,automobiles, airplanes, jets, and appliences. I am also reminded that in nature their are so many examples of beauty which strikes me. And the curves I so much love to touch and caress. Worship and make love too. I became a nudist for many reasons. And that was to be naked within nature and appreciate myself as being part of it. A woman's body is the most perfect in my eyes.

hubba hubba - for lack of better words

Very kind of you to say. :)