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Curves - 4-5-12

In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.

1petitegreeneyes 1petitegreeneyes 46-50, F 154 Responses Apr 5, 2012

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Wow, such a great pic. Nice to see you back on! I just started back on EP as well. :)

Would you consider adding me?



Thanks! :)

Most of the time I'm on the phone app and I seen your post the other day about your photos of the month but with the app I don't get to see the pics. Logged on to my PC though and seen the pics and they're very nice indeed.

Awwwww.............why thank you! :) :) I get some very good tips from someone. :) :)

i LOVE this photo!

are you the subject?
the photographer?

both? :-)

Thank you! I am both....the subject and the photographer. :)

an amazin' selfie!

now we have to ponder whether and what u are wearing BESIDES the holdups....

Thank you. :) :) Helps me with body position, thoughts as I do, on the moment body relaxation........and on and on. :) :)

keep relaxing then ;-)

Thank you! :)

You have some gorgeous gams there.

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Beautiful pic.

very interesting photo..great subject. great results

Thanks! :)

B&W photography! This brings out the essence of a picture.
Thank you for sharing this.

Thanks for the comment! :)

Beautiful Picture!

Thank you. :) :)

I must say I enjoy your profile picture as well.

Thanks! :)

beaufitul lace on an even more beautiful set of legs

My legs thank you. :)

I can only imagine what's attached to them ;-)

I'm attached to them ... lol

Ahh, but to view the you..

Thanks! :) :) I am ok with the "me" LOL

gorgeous legs!

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A simple pose turned amazing with the right camera setting. I like it.

Thanks! :) :) Lucky shot. :)

you planned it...Not so lucky as it is the start of skills.


My legs thank you! :)

Is that you? It's very sexy... I'm not typically that excited by lingerie but you could change my mind. Lovely. Sensual and suggestive...

Yes it is me. Thanks again. :)


Thank you! It's very kind of you to say. :)

Damn sensual.


Compelling and so beautiful, yet so simple. The art of black and white and the power of suggestion melded into one very sensual image.

*smile* Thank you! :)

Very nice

Looks perfect to me!

I love your curves!

A sight for sore eyes..beautiful!

i am so in lurve with your body and spirit.. xx

*smiling* awwwwwwww....... *smile*

I love nice legs.

I love nice legs too...... :) :)

Are they your legs ?

If they are you very fortunate . Can't but those

Can't buy I meant to say...

Thank you! I will read your profile and get to know you more. Thank you for the request! :) :)

Yes they are.

how do u fend off the boyz in the neighborhood?

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Beauty should be from head to toe, you prove that point.

Wow! What a nice compliment! Thank you!

Your welcome .. Show me a few more of your legs.

One of these days you may even add me to your circle. Would love to pay many of your photos a compliment.

Still uncertain about adding me huh?

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what an absolutely stunning black & white truly captures how beautiful all women are...masterpieces of beauty")

Thanks! :) My legs thank you too! :)

I think this one has been around EP long enough to qualify as an EP classic!!! *whistle*

laughing! Thanks! I think! LOL


Thanks! :)

hubba hubba - for lack of better words

Very kind of you to say. :)

you make my heart pound.

Ohhhhhhh, That is so HOT!!! Would you please add me...

Thank you! :)

great pic...has a glow

Didn't you know I glow? lol