April 11 - Self Portrait

Wow, taken and posted the day of. First are two cuties. I really can't pick. But they are real; she (Yoshi) spends hours up there) I took a few a while back with a camera phone and bathroom mirror. These are much better
She is not jumping off in this one. She rarely gets off except when I need her to get off.
I had not planned to get her in my self portrait but that's fine.

I was originally planning something like this. Ambient light (the ones with Yoshi are on-camera flash).
70+, M
4 Responses Apr 11, 2012

I like how you describe each pic, Yoshi sure loves to be on top

Awwww,,Yoshi is ADORABLE and so are YOU!! Loved em ALL! ♥

That is the collar I wear because I am the collared slave of Mistress P, thus my other ID: MPsslavetommy. It says on it "OWNED BY MP"

yes do tell. what are you wearing around your neck?

I hope the collar does not offend.

why would it? just curiosity. conversation. nosiness.