April 16 - Sensual: Papi At His Ease

When I was thinking about this last night without the theme name in front of me I think I got confused with seductive and I thought about this woman and her smile - but then when I looked at it today - it is neither sensual nor seductive - just friendly.

I thought about capturing an open mouth just biting down on a ripe strawberry - but then I thought - fat chance of finding that. So then I  started browsing my archives. Eventually I found this picture of Papi stretched out on my bed in the soft cushioning quilt.
70+, M
2 Responses Apr 16, 2012

Your Papi looks like my Clairence-I also have a black girl kitty named Gaia-but she's much too fat to be compared to Papi!

Papi was a very sensual cat. I miss him.

Sleek, relaxed and shiny!! That could TOTALLY be seen as sensual!!

I agree