You is NOT a bird!!

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lol, sure got squirrels like that here as well. Like Ninja's sometimes, on steroids, trained by Jackie Chan.

Ha! I love this. Thanks for sharing.

Good squirrel shot

It was taken through the window so it's not the clearest of pictures.

I had a squabble with a squirrel when I was Three years old...it end miserably for me. I was in my high chair, all alone in my grandparents back yard, eating my breakfast. A soft boiled egg, when the booger lept up onto the high chair's tray and snagged my egg...the creep! I screamed and screamed only to be ignored...trapped in my chair without my egg!<br />
I have yet to make peace with that little thief!

I'm sorry for your loss! *makes you a soft boiled egg*

Cats and squirrels are NOT a good combination. Squirrels can be vicious...

I think it's safe to say my cat would agree.

they got skills

What's more impressive is that the feeder is attached to the side of my house, so it would've had to climb up the wall first.

a bird at heart bleed.. a bird at heart!