Dawn In Haifa Israel

With the morning coming up this is the view out of my hotel room....

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5 Responses May 10, 2012

So much humanity with lights on. Theres harly any where i live.

I try to enjoy the time that I have in the places I visit cause I never know if I will come back to it... So I try to take in what I can where I can...

We just had friends leave Israel after visiting family for a week, then on to Germany and they are now in Amsterdam. They seemed to have enjoyed as much as you have

That evening was just right for this photo, I am hoping to have clearer skies tonight to get additional photos...

Have had my share of views of the alleys and the streets in the various towns, of course the best one was the view of the hill right behind the hotel with a dumpster... <br />
<br />
Have been to many places around the world and see many places, Haifa Israel is nice over all, and not far from Acco which is also very nice.