May 4 ( Yes I'm Late ) - Stranger

When I first saw "Stranger" was a theme for this group to me it could only mean one thing - take a picture of a stranger and really, to me, it also should be with permission. I thought about that a lot. Even thought about posting a story without a picture about how hard that is for me. Really, that's a big part of my reason to buy a long lens - so I can get those "strangers" without asking permission. Well I  did not write that story nor did I take that picture. And for one reason or another I didn't take any pictures for this group for the past two weeks.

Yesterday, however things changed. I was out sweeping the sidewalk which had a new kind of litter from the neighborhood foliage. (This has been a spring different than the previous two since we moved in.  A picture a day of what's on the sidewalk could be interesting. At least there are no acorns but the maple seeds and berries, both holly and something else...) "Stranger" worked its way to front of my mind - the current litter was a stranger to me. So I  went and got my camera and close-up lenses. The pictures do appear to be baby pine (WTF White Pine) cones. Here are five of them photographed against the black asphalt at the top of my driveway.

But what about the "asking permission" part of the theme, as I defined it for me. Well as I was coming out of the house to take the above picture a young lady was walking by. This is sort of a cheat in that I believe I've seen her before and she has seen me but we have not spoken anymore than to say "Hi". But I did speak up and ask her if I could take her picture. She did say yes and posed casually  while I took these pictures. Afterwards she asked why I wanted to take her picture and I said that I wanted to be able to take pictures of strangers.

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3 Responses May 22, 2012

she looks about 16 to me.....I wouldn't worry about it the kids are forever taking pics of each other and posting them. This is a perfectly nice and very appropriate photo...and also nicely explained.... :)

Thanks, I needed that.

awww hugs and hugs...♥

You have a great photographic eye,my compliments!

Thank you. Have you posted in this group yet?

No,not yet..

Awww, Good job on both counts here tommy! The lil pine cones were totally original and the lil girl is ADORABLE!! What a great smile.I also think it ROCKS that you ask permission!! ♥

That's "asked" - I don't know that I will keep on doing it.

Speaking of "lil girl" how old do you think she is? I didn't ask, maybe I should have asked her mother.