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How Hot Is It? 6/12/2012.

Its not hot.
its 68 degrees and rainy.

Peace and hugs from wet NY.

Lilcuppa Lilcuppa 66-70 5 Responses Jun 12, 2012

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is it a reflection on a pollished car bonnet

Very nice picture

Ohhhh, a bunny rabbit!

niiiice. such a visionary!

yeah i like the sound of that word! :)

hmmmmmm....the wet part is strangely intriguing...

when i dont know what else to do, macro is a win.

it is like you lined your fingers up with drops....and I just re-read my comment...uh....that was not meant as some may have read it.....lmao...unless it will get me somewhere.

haha you so bad.

Macro lenses rock. When I got my first one I couldn't sleep.

Agreed. I love macros!

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