Black And White.

Unwanted house guests.

Lilcuppa Lilcuppa
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Cups, we talked about this. Ya gotta leave your daughters boyfriends alone

thats no fun. *hmmph* :)

Why do so few people use black and white anymore? I think they are often more powerful images than colour.

i agree with both of you. i feel it also picks up texture a bit more affectively. effectively? you get my meaning lol :)

I do, some of the best photos I've seen have been in black and white, I can understand why at times colour would be better, but I love black and white more, mind you I'm such an old fart I still watch a black and white TV!

hey im glad ep didnt keep you away! :)

Thank you, me too!

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Whoa, the shadows look awesome.

thank you :) im using a new filter.

It has a dreamy look to it, I like that =]

me too!

Oh no...what'd you do this time?! ;)

it wasnt meeeeee! :) unless its a crime to be smokin hot?

If it is, I'm making an EP citizens arrest! ;)

ruh roh. Suburban violence?

nah..i could tell you but it might ruin the shot haha.