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Hahaha...nature at its finest!

dis is bloody brilliant :)

Pin her down and have your way with her, only if life were so simple

The one extended leg is priceless

so he can really get in therrrre lol!

haha :-) well the heatwave can have that effect

My mom loves my sister more then me anything I do don't matter to her she gives my sister money for everything but when its comes to me I get nothing I tried of depending on other people for money, she calls me all sort of words I just feel like the only peace I'll get is by death I'm when ever my friends talk about their mother I just get emotional what sould I do?

Too much stress nw m lukng 4 realy love

Friends am a new coma i need a theit friend who wil love me.My boy Maura goes to visit leonardo. He telis her no good as a man she cunningly makes makes you think that begins to feel something for him leonardo is not resigned to being in a wheelchair and struggles to stand. But when attempting to walk and cry helpessly falls for his misfortune.nicholas mario. Abascal. A guy gets to the house.

That is some hot stuff right there! Nature at its finest. Beautiful picture =]

wow..thank you!

that's so cute


Just doin what Japenese Beetles do ..... *bursts into song* .... "Birds do it ... bees do it ............ "

So you need wings to do it... faerie is ahead of ya! x p

*polishes faeries' wings*

LOL! If we part your hair in the middle, maybe we can make it look like wings.

*flaps hair around* ....... *crashes*

lol niiiiice.

*grins at cuppa*

You must be using a conditioner that weighs your hair down.

you are probably right there Sylphy. Garnier Fructis im betting.

Just Pennzoil 10W30 ... is that wrong ??

Can't type... laughing tears... ack ack!

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thank you so much!

Welcome, do you know kind of beetles they are?

They look like potato bugs, but I can't be sure from the angle of view and the distance from them. I am probably wrong it has been many years since I plucked and killed my last in our vegetable garden.

Thanks, was just curious as I don't think I've seen ones like that here.

june beetles i think...

I can feel a google coming on!

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ohhhh babeh!!!! im so turned on now!


*sigh* I wanna do it on a flower

How about if I put a flower in your hair and take you into the back room?

One of the less graphic images on ep.. nice pic.

thank you! its my passion.

photography. not bugs lol

lol yeah I know..

O.M.G.<br />
<br />
Isn't this against the TOS???

yeah its mildly pornographic but its an excellent capture so fuckem.

LMAO bow chika bow wow

*ques 70s **** music*

this is a great shot


thank you. i took it with me new iPhoooone :)

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