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These were the wrong shoes to venture into the woods in, but today i did it with panache.

Lilcuppa Lilcuppa 70+ 4 Responses Jul 5, 2012

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theres those toesies again! AARRR! *bites em*

hehe ;)

i admit, i did it on purpose. O_O

*grins n nibbles*

its all a part of my muffin woo-ification! :)

it is sooo workin

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Even in the woods, it's important to wear hot shoes.

damn straight. esp if they are gonna be pointing skyward! ahahaaa

I am in full support of a woman with her feet over her shoulders.....

omg the imagery. *looks away* *looks back*

Hey, I have a pair just like that ... well except for the blue shimmery part.<br />
<br />
Of course wearing these in the woods is really not a problem as long as you bring someone along to carry you.

Pretty classy, lilcuppapixiedust .... :o))))