Muse. Whatever It Is That Makes You Glow..

..bask in it. :)

Lilcuppa Lilcuppa
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15 Responses Aug 28, 2012

cool cuppa

Very it

WOW just doesn't quite do this justice!

um, wow? (I put a question mark because my exclamation of a breathless wow is still not quite enough to describe the sheer eyefuck of awesomeness this photo is)

omg i LOVE that word. eyefuck. nice.

thank you!

thanks, I totally just made it up :P no prob, this picture and the talent that goes along with it deserve it!


I had pretty inspiration :)

i like it :)

That's mighty pretty. I've never tried to take a pic of a flower in front of the sun. So gunna steal this idea. Good job!

Dooooo it yeah! :)

simply beautiful

Nice picture Ms. Cathy

thank you Mr..Painter of light :)

Hmmm...... I like that title also. Sort of reverses things...... I paint actual light instead of using it to paint objects.

That's beautiful, especially the blue sky and the clouds.

Nature is a most beautiful subject. But sadly I kinda stink at it sometimes lol but this time I didn't!

now thats photography!

thank you so much :)

No prob yo.

gorgeous :)


what a vibrant shot. perfect placement. really beautiful


WOW! Cuppa, that's amazingly beautiful!

Thank you so much foxy pants!

oooooooo ..... this is GOOD !!!!

thank you! im inspired by prettiness in the world.