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Muse. Whatever It Is That Makes You Glow..

..bask in it. :)

Lilcuppa Lilcuppa 70+, F 16 Responses Aug 28, 2012

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cool cuppa

Very it

WOW just doesn't quite do this justice!

um, wow? (I put a question mark because my exclamation of a breathless wow is still not quite enough to describe the sheer eyefuck of awesomeness this photo is)

omg i LOVE that word. eyefuck. nice.

thank you!

thanks, I totally just made it up :P no prob, this picture and the talent that goes along with it deserve it!


I had pretty inspiration :)

i like it :)

That's mighty pretty. I've never tried to take a pic of a flower in front of the sun. So gunna steal this idea. Good job!

Dooooo it yeah! :)

simply beautiful

Nice picture Ms. Cathy

thank you Mr..Painter of light :)

Hmmm...... I like that title also. Sort of reverses things...... I paint actual light instead of using it to paint objects.

That's beautiful, especially the blue sky and the clouds.

Nature is a most beautiful subject. But sadly I kinda stink at it sometimes lol but this time I didn't!

now thats photography!

thank you so much :)

No prob yo.

gorgeous :)


what a vibrant shot. perfect placement. really beautiful


Beautiful! Wow! Thanks for sharing!

thank you for looking :)

You're welcome! That would be an awesome desktop! Not that I would steal it ..................just saying.....It makes me smile! *smile*

WOW! Cuppa, that's amazingly beautiful!

Thank you so much foxy pants!

oooooooo ..... this is GOOD !!!!

thank you! im inspired by prettiness in the world.