Look At This...

Can you see a face too?
DancingFox DancingFox
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the old man of the forest..........i like this........i like it a lot lol

Yeah, that's exactly the way I saw it... like an Ent or something.

lol Peter Jackson has a lot to answer for :)

Tolkien, actually. I read Lord of the Rings a decade before Peter Jackson made the films. I did love the films, mind you!

lol FoxKid of course i know it was Tolkien that wrote the book. but it was Jackson that gave us the visual representation of Tolkien's imagination

I wasn't questioning your knowledge, just pointing out that my visual image of an Ent predated Peter Jackson, and was pretty close to that pic I posted ;)

glad we cleared that up ;-p

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more of a skull than face for me..

It made me think of an Ent in Lord of the Rings...

It's Jesus !

LMAO. I wasn't thinking of that, I just thought it looked like a bearded face.