Too Late.

I trespassed on this ***** 25 years ago. And if i was wearing fence climbing shoes this morning i would have trespassed then as well!

Lilcuppa Lilcuppa
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5 Responses Sep 19, 2012

dont tear your trousers open when you get to the top haha

what a badass, jumpin' fences and disregarding signs and ****

in the past, too. the badassery is a-escalatin'

Aww hehe

Dare you to do it alone at night.

no way man.

lol! That's why I adore you, cuppa... you're a mischevious child at heart!

Yes I am thank you for allowing me to be so! :) *giggles*

I wish I'd live close to you... we'd go and play pranks on all the neighbours!

Ah the nut house. I'd hop your fence anytime!

i know you would lol. im sure that would be quite the adventure wouldnt it. but you wouldnt leave my *** on the other side of the fence after i show you of the location you better gimme a boot over the fence haha!

by boot i meant boost

If we go, it has to be at midnight. And like Halloween or something.